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Here’s what some of our Oxford, OH customers are saying about us:

These folks restored our paint job to perfection after a mean person keyed our new truck. They also restored another vehicle after my husband hit a deer— absolutely great work. A year ago, we stopped by to ask for advice about pine tree sap that had dripped all over the truck. The CARSTAR folks very kindly not only gave us advice but didn’t let us leave until they had the sap removed. You just don’t forget people like that who really want to help others (and do top quality work).

Nancy Ferguson Google Review

My family and I have been coming here for many years. Every experience is fantastic. They took care of everything even contacting the insurance and getting the police report. They kept me informed during the entire process. They stand behind their work. I will definitely be returning.

Tori Volk Google Review

The staff at carstar of oxford are amazing. They were very helpful, respectful and informative on the repairs to my car.

Nick Smith Google Review

This has to be the best customer experience I have ever had. Greg that works at the front desk was extremely kind and helpful, Kendra was extremely helpful and fit me in for an estimate quickly and easily. Mike was my savior and took off my bumper, replaced the bolts I broke, and put the bumper perfectly back into place for FREE!!! He was so kind and helpful, he spent probably 20 minutes fixing my car and took great care of me. I will definitely return to Car Star again and I recommend that anyone else who needs body work in Oxford do too. As a college student, it was so nice to have someone who took care of my issues and everyone I met there was so kind.

Kaleigh Holcomb Google Review

5 Stars!

colin svatos Google Review

5 Stars!

Jack Pohlad Google Review

Very friendly and prompt! Highly recommend!

Sarah and Ray Google Review

As a student at Miami, I didn’t know what to do when the on-campus auto body shop on beech street closed. I went to carstar due to the amazing reviews and they couldn’t have been more accurate. I brought my car in the night before I needed it back (with the headlights working right, which they weren’t at the time) so that I could drive home to Chicago. Not only did they fix the positioning of the headlights, they gave me a call when it was ready (early), but they also polished my headlights and were extremely kind to me through the whole thing. I usually don’t write reviews, but every student at Miami should make this place their go-to auto body repair shop. Thanks for everything!

Talia Abrams Google Review

I came in to fix my tire and they were very helpful and quick! Definitely recommend their services to others.

Cecily Meyers Google Review

I could not have had a better experience at Carstar, Oxford! They were professional, very friendly, organized, and anticipated (and met) every single one of my needs. They even thoroughly washed the inside and outside of my car. My experience with the combined Enterprise Car Rental was equally as positive. Thank you!

Steve Large Google Review

I Highly Recommend Carstar! I went to just get an estimate and they ended up helping me out for free!! They have Great employees and customer service!

Kayla Bowling Google Review

I took my car in because I found a small amount of rust where I had a magnetic sign. I wanted to stop the rusting before it got worse. Took it to Car Star in Oxford for an estimate. When my car came back from the estimate, it was as good as new! They said it was surface rust and they took care of right then. Unbelievable!! And the best part, aside from meeting some of the most ethical professionals, was there was no charge!!! Got my business for life and happy to have them. You won’t be disappointed

Scott Straker Google Review

Highly Recommend! I went to just get an estimate and they ended up helping me out for free and it was so efficient. Great people/customer service, I can tell how genuine everyone who works there is.

Elizabeth Sacks Google Review

A deer hit my car about 5 miles outside of Oxford on the way home from visiting my son and daughter-in-love at 8:30 PM. The car was in bad shape. A friend recommended I have it towed to Carstar in Oxford, Ohio. I received a phone call the next morning from Carstar and they continued to communicate with me multiple times through the first week. It took nearly 3 weeks for the car to be repaired after nearly being totalled. They communicated with throughout the duration of the repair. When I went to pick it up it looked great! I'm fairly particular and I noticed one edge of a quarter panel slightly raised and a hood line that was off. I brought it to their attention and the owner of Carstar himself, after hours (they were closed by that time), while I waited (not that long), did the adjustment himself. I watched him tediously adjust and shape the body parts to fit to my liking. I was impressed - thoroughly impressed. Everyone was pleasant, responsive, helpful - they took the time necessary to answer my questions. I've been in the car 2 weeks and it has performed flawlessly. I hope I don't have to have my automobile reconstructed again, but if I do, I would definitely take it back to Carstar. They are a great little company of hard working folks - from the owner owner to the detail man. Thanks!

Matt Kuchers Google Review

When I got into my first accident, I was nervous about going in to Carstar to deal with the repairs by myself. I shouldn’t have been. Mike assured me right away that they would take care of everything and communicate with me the whole time. I had heard that you are supposed to go to multiple body shops to compare quotes, but he explained to me exactly where the costs were coming from and why they would not be much different anywhere else. Carstar communicated efficiently and in a timely manner with myself and my mom about the repairs, and I would 100% go to them again.

Marcella Cerra Google Review

I had several very large pine limbs fall on my Subaru Outback this winter. I used State Farm and Carstar of Oxford, Ohio to bring the car back to looking like new. The car needed work on multiple panels, and the folks at Carstar got it done ahead of schedule. Notifications via text kept me informed on the project. When I picked up the car it had been washed inside and out. The best part is my car looks new again. I Highly recommend Carstar of Oxford if you need body work.

Astrid Overn Google Review

This is the first time I've taken the time to do a review for a company and I'm doing so because of the outstanding performance of all the employees at this location. From the time I dropped my vehicle off until the time I picked it up, I was always updated on the status of the repair. My repair ended up being more than anticipated and Carstar worked directly with my car insurance company, making the whole process seamless. They even detailed my vehicle! I moved to NKY but if I ever need a car repair again I know where I'm going! Highly recommend!

Moose Knisley Google Review

5 Stars!

James Conklin Google Review

The service here is wonderful. I had some part of my car dragging underneath and because it only needed a few clips to fix they didn't even charge me and fixed the issue in less than 20 minutes. Highly recommend and I will be going back for any future car problems I encounter!

Valerie Kessler Google Review

Carstar Oxford did an excellent job repairing my car. Kendra, Mike and Greg were very helpful and efficient, fast and friendly service. Thank you!! Highly recommend them!

Vangie Elzey Google Review

An upstanding business all the way around! It is so nice to see a hometown business that is run with quality and integrity! From start to finish everyone there was not only friendly and helpful, but compassionate and understanding. The quality of work is unparalleled. The added touch of a complete and thorough detail inside and out was really a touch of class! Way to go guys and gals! Great Job!

Sarah Huddleson Google Review

I was desperately trying to find someone to drill holes in my front bumper so I could mount my new license plate and they were so nice and did it for free - they even mounted the plate for me! I only waited five minutes and I was on the road again.

Brittany Cymes Google Review

Carstar is the best place to take your car in Oxford. They are fast with your car, good with their work, and beyond accommodative. I couldn't get my car right away because I didn't have a ride, and they offered to pick me up in my car. When they picked me up, I didn't recognize my car it was so detailed. I've never received better service from a car shop in my life. All thanks to the awesome employees, they make a big company feel like a small business.

Mallory Chadwick Google Review

I had a phenomenal experience at Carstar Oxford. I had some damage on my back bumper and Mike and his team were so helpful and efficient. Excellent work with fast and friendly service - I couldn’t be any happier. My wife came in about 2 years with more serious damage to her car and she received equally superb service. High quality work by high quality people!

Eric Google Review

The people here are great, great quality service and timeliness. Very convenient rental car place inside too!

Laine K Google Review

Sadly, I've had to use they're services a couple of times over the past year. They take the edge off. I have gotten my car back in better condition than when I left it each time. With a detail! Highly recommended. Thanks!!

Greg Google Review

5 Stars!

Jeremy Silvers Google Review

Great work from Car Star!!! This is my first time getting body work at carstar! I had a long key scratch at my car surface, and have to be repaint the hole surface. I went to carstar, they were patient and walk me through all details, then quote me a very decent price.

As far as the Price, compare to what dealership quote me, carstar saves me a lot a money. Their labor cost is actually cheaper then most of the places of dealer painting store. And you can see all kinds of labor costs in the front desk. I think body and frame labor is about $50/hour.

When I check out, the scratch went away and the whole area looked no different than other places. THANKS! WELL DONE!

Before my pick up, they even give me a free car wash! EVEN clean the interior!!! This surprises me! And clearly they are not using the quick auto car wash. Because they remove all the bug and tars that left on the surface. This shows how detail oriented they are!


Andrew Yang Google Review

4 Stars!

Francis Esuon Google Review

Could they BE any nicer?!? Honestly, when I hit a deer, I thought it would be a real hassle and all terribly complicated. Kendra and Greg couldn't have been more helpful and patient. They dealt directly with the insurance company and took away that worry. They found parts for my unusual car and took away That worry. They helped to arrange the car rental (in the same building!) and took away THAT worry! And the car looks just lovely!

Really - this is the most friendly and professional team ever and I couldn't ask for better customer service or quality. Brilliant job all around! I recommend them 100%.

Alice Kenney Google Review

I've dealt with Mike, Kendra and their crew a number of times over the past 10-12 years, for big jobs and small, and they truly are exceptionally good in every aspect: Quality of work done, quality of craftsmanship and, especially, the quality of all the people there, from the office at the top to the extensive shops down below. Their customer relations should be a required case study for ALL businesses because, as others have posted in their reviews, they make everything easy, and have helped in ways I had no reason to expect.

James Brock Google Review

Great experience!

刘宇欣 Google Review

5 Stars!

Chongyang Liu Google Review

Highly recommended this local Carstar company. .Very professional and easy to work with. They helped me arrange for coverage with the insurance company. Damage as a result of vandalism is completely gone. They throughly cleaned my van inside and out. The restored my van back to its original new condition. Very prompt in responding and kept me informed about the progress of repair. They were upfront about the cost of repair. I would not hesitate to go to them in the future. A+ repair service and A+ customer service.

David Wilson Google Review

5 Stars!

Dale Stevenson Google Review

Recently Carstar replaced a top on my Jeep. They did a wonderful job. It did develop a leak however. When I took the car in they responded immediately. They took ownership of the issue even though it was caused by the age of the rubber on the Jeep. Mike and crew are wonderful, easy to work with and I highly recommend them for the quality of their work. I will be back if needed.

Saul W. Adelman Google Review

The employees are the best! They go the extra mile to make the experience easier. This is the only place we will take our vehicles.

Sharon Volk Google Review

My experience with Car Star of Oxford was absolutely amazing. I hit a deer with my 2009 Pontiac G6 and thought it would be total. But with the help of Mike and his great team behind them. They were able to fix my car to make it too were it didn't even look like it was wreck. When ever I need body work I always call car star of Oxford. They are also so nice to there customers. I definitely insist that others go to Car Star of Oxford. Thank you so much Car Star Of Oxford for everything you have done!

Jacob Boggess Google Review

Mike came and towed my 2012 Nissan Maxima to Carstar of Oxford for repair. I was involved in an accident and insurance estimated around 10k in damage to my front end. The work Mike and his team did was phenomenal. You would never guess my vehicle was involved in the type of accident it was after the work they completed on it. I will not be using anyone else for work on my vehicles! You will not be disappointed in the work they do! Great customer service, great mechanics, and a beautiful outcome. HIGHLY suggest Carstar of Oxford!

Nathan Barnes Google Review

5 Stars!

Yaoxing Xiong Google Review

have used their service several times over the years. I will not go anywhere else. yesterday I had my car detailed inside & out. I feel like I have a new car, it's that great! And customer service is the best.

Deborah Davidson Google Review

Mike's service is great. He looked at my car bumper and within 15 minutes had it reattached and the paint fixed. The work looked great. I highly recommend Carstar in Oxford.

pobox355 Google Review

My Yaris had a VERY flat tire recently. I was stranded at the Shriver Center and freaking out because my boyfriend and I weren't the most car savvy. It was also a late Saturday evening. But, lo and behold, George from Carstar came to the rescue! He put on the spare in a timely fashion and was a pleasure to work with. Also, later on, when my card finally got charged, it accidentally went through twice. I then called one of the employees, Kendra, and she was soooo sweet and accommodating. Great people that make car frustrations a breeze.

Madison Simmons Google Review

Carstar did a fantastic job repairing my vehicle. They are very detailed oriented. I will recommend them to everyone I know!

Candice Libecap Google Review

I can't endorse CarStar of Oxford strongly enough as one of the best auto body repair shops in the area. I wish I could say I have utilized them sparingly over the years, but teenage drivers and serendipity outside of our control ruled otherwise. On more than a half dozen occasions, they have restored my cars completely within estimated time frames, and always within cost estimates. If you need auto accident repairs, you can shop around if you have to, otherwise, look no further than CarStar of Oxford. They're one of the best.

Mike Ball Google Review

Awesome job replaced tailgate and bumper on a Dodge Ram. flawless job It was a mess inside when I took it in from fishing. Got it back it was spotless inside and out. They go the extra mile.

jeremy ritzie Google Review

I have been going here for years. They always do wonderful work and my car looks like a new car! They also do GREAT detail work on car. I would highly recommend.

Renee Maus Google Review

After my brush with a drunk driver carstar made the unfortunate event something much easier to swallow. They arranged to have my car picked up from the city it was wrecked in and had it brought back to oxford. They handled much of the process and kept me informed along the way. The car turned out great and the detail job on the inside was an unexpected treat. 5 star service all the way!

George Watson Google Review

Dropped my truck off for body damage. Staff was friendly and professional. Got truck back in a short three days. Was very impressed by quality of work. Not only damage repair but also vacuumed, washed and waxed. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone. Thank You CarStar!

Larry Shannon Carstar of Oxford Auto Body & Towing Customer Review

Kendra has been amazing! Very detail oriented, willing to go above and beyond to ensure timeliness and overall satisfaction with the work required! Highly recommend this company & Thank You Safeco Insurance for recommending this company to us!

David Stirsman Carstar of Oxford Auto Body & Towing Customer Review

I was not sure about taking my new car to anyone but the dealer but my insurance company recommended Carstar and I thought I would at least go there for the estimate. I was impressed from the start! The lady at the front counter greeted me when I walked in the door and took all of my information. She then ask another guy to do the estimate. As he completed the estimate he went over everything. I explained I know my insurance company says I have to use aftermarket parts but I would rather not have them on my 2012 Honda. He said he could contact Honda and they could probably price match the parts and use new Honda parts. I scheduled for repairs telling them I am very hard to please. I picked up my accord yesterday and could not have been more pleased. They were able to use all factory parts and my car looks as good as new! They even detailed the complete car for me. I will be a customer for life!

Mike Upchurch Google Review

This is the first review I have ever written. But the quality of service was so unique I had to share the experience. Every aspect of the experience was exceptional. They worked on parts of the car that weren't even involved in the accident. Kept me in the loop with phone calls. And finally, detailed the car before we picked it up. My only regret was that it was my daughter's car :). It never looked so good!

James Sigworth Google Review

Could they BE any nicer?!? Honestly, when I hit a deer, I thought it would be a real hassle and all terribly complicated. Kendra and Greg couldn't have been more helpful and patient. They dealt directly with the insurance company and took away that worry. They found parts for my unusual car and took away That worry. They helped to arrange the car rental (in the same building!) and took away THAT worry! And the car looks just lovely!

Really - this is the most friendly and professional team ever and I couldn't ask for better customer service or quality. Brilliant job all around!

Alice K. Yelp Review

Carstar employees are very helpful, they kept me up to date on the repairs and even detailed my car when it was done!

Candice L. Yelp Review

5 Stars!

Dawn Sparks Libecap Facebook Review

5 Stars!

Carl Fix Facebook Review

We have used carstars service many times, good work and I had none of the hassle, Kendra even took care of all my rental car issues from picking it up to returning it

Shelly Sylvester Facebook Review

5 Stars!

Mike Libecap Facebook Review

5 Stars!

Summer Libecap Facebook Review

5 Stars!

Kendra Kahl McDaniel Facebook Review

5 Stars!

Mike Libecap Facebook Review

What a Great place!!

I had my car repaired at Carstar and the did a great job! The repairs were completed on time and when I got my car back it was perfect ! I usually don't give reviews online but I fealt they went above and beyond any expectations and besides calling to thank them I wanted to tell everyone else about my expierience.

Great job and thanks again,

knk1973 YellowPages Review

They were great!

They towed my car from the accident. Did an estimate and called me to go over it but the first thing the lady ask was "Are you alright?"It really was nice the lady there seemed to really care. They contacted my insurance company and did all of that stuff for me. My car was badly damaged so it did take a week or so to fix but when I got it back you couldnt even tell it had been in a wreck. They even detailed it! Great job guys! I hope im never in need of your service but if I am I know where i'll go.

sam1986 YellowPages Review

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